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After ASFPM Input, FEMA Revises Elevation Certificate

The Association of Flood Plain Managers sent the following notice to members about the FEMA Elevation Certificate:

FEMA announced in a March 1 bulletin that the newly revised Elevation Certificate (FEMA form 086-0-33) can now be accessed at:

Bruce Bender, ASFPM Insurance Committee co-chair, said of the announcement, “After the initial release of the Elevation Certificate, the ASFPM Insurance Committee began gathering feedback about issues users were having. Last October at a Flood Insurance Producers National Committee (FIPNC) meeting, which the Insurance Committee sits on, FEMA stated they were aware of issues with the EC (including a major rounding issue), and were addressing them. The Insurance Committee continued to gather EC issues and ASFPM formally shared them with FEMA in January [2017].”

Bender said, “At the Feb. 28 FIPNC meeting, FEMA announced they were issuing a corrected EC. This reflects some of the recommended changes, including the rounding issue. As you use the Elevation Certificate, please provide any suggested changes or comments to [email protected].”

“One comment received already is that C2.a-h, Section E and G8-G10 forces the entry of two decimal places (whether the data was captured to 2 place-accuracy or not). Section E instructions have been updated to reference the two decimal places (“nearest hundredth”); however, C2 was not,” he said.

“This form expires November 2018. FEMA officials at the FIPNC meeting agreed that it would be good to have industry users ‘test drive’ future forms before officially releasing it,” Bender said.


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