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Puddle Panel™ Water Barrier

Puddle Panel is designed to be a quick reaction water barrier system capable of withstanding low flooding. It is designed for occassional and sudden minor flood events (less than twelve inches). Puddle Panel is extremely effective with its patented design in keeping flood water from entering doorways in a very quick and easy to install manner.

Puddle Panel is a lightweight, quick-reaction water barrier

Puddle Panel is a lightweight aluminum panel system that is edged with a thick rubber gasket. It produces an excellent seal when it comes into contact with a stainless steel mounting plate that is permanently installed around the opening to be covered. This will insure a seal regardless of the building surface type or condition. The mounting plate is fitted with small locating pins which automatically align the anchor screws. The anchor screws are fitted with large handles for ease of installation. The mounting plate itself can be painted or powder coated to suit the building’s color, rendering it virtually invisible. Installation time for this barrier for either a single or double door is under 5 minutes by anyone, skilled or unskilled.

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Puddle Panel Water Barrier at Mercantile Bank

Puddle Panel Cozy's installation




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