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Flood Panel LLC Introduces Commercial Flood Door for Water Heights up to 6 Feet

JUPITER, Fla., March 2, 2021 – Flood Panel LLC, a leading manufacturer of commercial flood barriers in the U.S., announced the Flood Panel™ Dual Function Flood Door , a hinged door resistant to water levels up to 6 feet — twice the height tested by FEMA. It is available for purchase from National Flood Protection LLC, the national corporate partner of Flood Panel and the only certified installer.

“Flood Panel DF Flood Door addresses a growing urgency for flood protection beyond what is required for commercial structures, especially in flood-prone areas impacted by historic tides, storms and other extreme weather events,” said Tom Osborne, president, Flood Panel LLC. “We test our products to six feet in our own custom Flood Lab and are redesigning our entire product line to address the higher floods experienced by our customers.”

DF Flood Door provides the “dual function” of a regular pedestrian door with special latches to maintain a leak-proof seal for 24-hour active flood protection and quick deployment ahead of flood events. The product is available in steel or stainless steel and can be custom-built for most openings and flood elevations. The door meets International Building Code design and performance criteria for non-residential buildings.

NFP furnishes and installs Flood Panel products to clients across all 50 States. The company also provides comprehensive flood mitigation services including design consultation, building evaluation, system engineering, custom design services, professional installation, deployment training, and annual maintenance and inspection.

Flood Testing

Building owners want assurance that their flood protection will keep water out when flooding occurs. The National Flood Barrier Certification & Testing Program certifies floodproofing products to national standards set by the Association of Flood Plain Managers, the U.S. Army Core of Engineers and FM Global, the world’s largest business and property insurer.

The program outlines tests, manufacturing facility audits and operational guidelines to certify flood barriers will stand up to waves, hydrostatic and impact forces. An independent testing certification company must perform testing in an approved testing lab, such as the Flood Lab at Flood Panel headquarters in Florida.

FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program adopted the program to standardize floodproofing nonresidential structures up to 3 feet of water. According to Osborne, the standard falls short for many commercial structures in areas impacted by frequent and historic flooding. Flood Lab tests products to perform in higher water heights like those experienced in recent flood events across the country.

DF Flood Door meets design and performance criteria set by the international Building Code, Association of Civil Engineers, and FEMA.

About Flood Panel LLC

Flood Panel LLC, based in Jupiter, Fla., designs, engineers and manufactures high-quality flood protection products for commercial construction projects, including various flood barrier designs, flood gates, flood panels and flood doors. Flood Panel along with National Flood Protection LLC, its national corporate partner, provides a consultancy approach that includes product design specific to each opening of the client’s building, distribution and installation services, structural engineers, architects, a complete range of flood product supplies, expert flood protection analysis and a highly-trained project management team for assistance from pre-construction through post-installation and maintenance. For more information, visit


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