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Flood Panel ™ (Custom) Flood Barriers

Flood Panel has many years experience with custom applications for irregular openings that require flood protection. We have full design and fabrication capability to design custom systems to accommodate unique conditions. Our Flood Panel flood barriers can be customized for virtually any application.

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Considerations requiring a custom flood panel design

  1. Irregular wall angles surrounding opening.
  2. Door hardware.
  3. Knee wall extension.
  4. Building corner condition.
  5. Sloped ground condition.
  6. Deployment time.
  7. Building obstructions:
    • Shutters
    • Gutters
    • EFIS Entry key pads
    • Lighting
    • Alarm boxes
    • Conduits
    • Piping
    • Masonry decorations
    • Knee wall and curtain wall projections i.e. extended sills, extended door and curtain wall frames
    • Store fronts
    • Direction of door swing
    • French drains
    • Manhole/drain covers
    • Up lights
    • Sidewalks
  1. An opening requiring a full height barrier.

Flood Panels - Custom

Flood Panel - Custom

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