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It is Flood Panel LLC’s mission to supply our clients with the best and most effective flood proofing advice, design, products aand services. We have an absolute commitment to effective cost saving and useable flood defense.

In order to achieve the least costly and most effective flood defense design, we address the need for the lowest possible reaction time (time it takes to install or activate defensive hardware) balanced with the realistic available manpower at hand, if any.

Flood Panel™ consultants are internationally recognized as some of best world experts in the flood protection field. We have acted as advisors to governments and major organizations. |

Building Plan Review

What sets Flood Panel apart from the rest of our competitors is is our professional responsibility to supply our clients with the minimum amount of barriers and products necessary for the effective defense of their assets. We highly recommend that at the planning stage of any project, Flood Panel perform a plan review to make recommendations on how to reduce the amount of required hardware (often easily done through small adjustments to the building or complex structure), and to determine the best way to integrate the necessary hardware within the fabric of the structure. This reduces to a minimum the reaction time and manpower requirement, as well as the aesthetic impact. The cost savings of such a plan review are normally always beneficial.

Authoring Flood Emergency Response Plans

Flood Panel consultancy service also write the site specificFlood Emergency Response Plan (FERP) as recommended by FEMA technical bulletin 3-93. This is currently required by many public building authorities to accompany complexes fitted with flood proofing measures.

These response plans should be viewed as an integral part of any flood proofing design as it is ostensibly a step by step guide to fulfilling any and all aspects of the flood proofing process in the event of a threat. Indeed, almost all insurance companies see such a document as a significant negotiating point in reducing annual premiums as their exposure to risk has been mitigated as far as reasonably possible (Please see Flood Emergency Response Plan Overview).

Flood Panel™ Consultancy - Hurricane Ike effects

Flood Panel™ Consultancy - Hurricane Ike effects in Texas

Flood Panel™ Consultancy - Hurricane Katrina effects at Port Sulphur

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