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Super Flood Logs protect Tweed Airport in New Haven.

Super Flood Logs Protect Tweed Airport

See the #floodbarriers deployed on the departure terminal doors in an NBC Connecticut news story.

New Haven, Conn. in saw its share of rain in July 2023 with several significant rainfall events that flooded the city, including at Tweed Airport. Fortunately, critical areas of the airport are protected by Flood Panel’s flood protection systems. The airport recently completed the installation of Super Flood Log™ Flood Barriers on 15 openings with protection heights from 2-4 feet depending on the flood risk in each location.

The installation includes custom features to fortify critical areas of the airport, including a fully-enclosed array to protect the TSA baggage scanners. For another opening, Flood Panel LLC designed a self-supporting wall channel that can absorb the entire #flood load with no impact on the building structure. The custom channels were attached to 4×4 steel posts installed by National Flood Protection LLC on the building.

Learn more about this project here.

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