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Flood Prep in 2018 Should be Driven by Common Sense

Last year’s hurricane season brought 17 named storms in the Atlantic, including 10 hurricanes and six major hurricanes. The impact of those storms can’t be understated. Within just two weeks, two Category 4 hurricanes made landfall in Texas and Florida, causing a historic and catastrophic flood in Houston and the largest evacuation in U.S. history in Florida. Hurricane Irma devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands and Barbuda. Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

If the first few days of January are any indicator, 2018 may be another stormy year. Winter Storm Grayson, designated by weather gurus as an ominous “bomb cyclone,” brought snow and ice to the Deep South and a historic high tide with severe flooding to Boston as it barreled up the East Coast.

Prudence, and common sense, should motivate commercial businesses in flood prone communities to prepare now for the next storm.

Business owners in flood zones have four options: move, elevate, build barriers or flood proof. The most practical and cost-effective of these choices is flood proofing. The National Flood Insurance Program recognizes flood proofing as an effective way to reduce the threat and cost of flooding.

When it comes to flood protection, one size does not fit all. Flood protection solutions must meet federal and local engineering standards in compliance with building codes for flood proofing commercial structures. Building owners should consider customized solutions, installed by licensed, experienced contractors.

Flood Solutions for Commercial Construction

Flood Panel designs high-quality flood protection solutions for commercial construction projects to suit most flooding scenarios. Popular solutions include:

  • FloodPanel™ – an economical and effective flood barrier system made of industrial strength metal and compression seals to protect building entrances of any width and height.
  • FloodLog™ – a modular flood barrier system designed to meet and exceed heavy water loads and impact forces, like those from a rushing river or a hurricane. This stackable, high-grade aluminum product can be made for most heights or lengths. FloodLog uses proprietary technology that enables the logs to glide into rails for easy installation. The installation design can also be customized for aesthetic appeal or rapid deployment.
  • Puddle Panel™ – a quick-reaction barrier system capable of withstanding flooding that is less than two feet deep and is extremely effective for doorways. The lightweight aluminum system is edged with a thick rubber gasket, which creates a waterproof seal on the door opening when used with the stainless-steel mounting plate. Installation time for a single or double door is under five minutes.

For more information and to learn how businesses are using Flood Panel solutions to protect their commercial assets before the next flood, visit Flood Panel at


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