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Russ Ellington

Setting a High Standard from Inception

IE Magazine | Inspiring Leaders Magazine 2022

Russ Ellington, Owner & President, National Flood Protection, LLC

It was 2016 and he had a handful of leads and an idea. With nothing more than a concept influenced by a burgeoning flood mitigation industry, Russ Ellington launched National Flood Protection, LLC to dominate the sector. “Having worked in business development in the Construction Industry, I saw time and again there were people all over the Country needing flood protection” to which Mr. Ellington added, “and more specifically, a company that specialized in the installation. That didn’t seem to exist.”

As the global climate continued to change and sea levels continued to rise, Mr. Ellington recognized the importance of protecting properties from the damages caused by flood waters. In 2016, National Flood Protection partnered with flood barrier manufacturer Flood Panel, LLC to bring their innovative flood mitigation solutions to areas all over the United States devastated by hurricanes, Nor’easters, and severe weather.

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