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Flood Panel and Post™ Flood Barrier System

Flood Panel and Post Flood Barrier SystemThe Flood Panel and Post System is a proprietary system designed by Flood Panel LLC. The system consists of solid removable panel flood barriers, same as the standard Flood Panel™ flood barrier system, but this system does not require 45 degree support braces. The barriers are mounted on removable vertical posts, which eliminates the need for extra support. This system was designed to accommodate issues where the flood barrier needs to be installed close to the property line and is not allowed to extend beyond that line into the public sidewalks. This issue is very common in cities with storefronts.

This system can be custom designed to suit more or less any wall configuration or site-specific condition.

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Considerations requiring a custom design

  1. Irregular wall angles surrounding opening.
  2. Door hardware.
  3. Knee wall extension.
  4. Building corner condition.
  5. Sloped ground condition.
  6. Deployment time.
  7. Building obstructions:
    • Shutters
    • Gutters
    • EFIS Entry key pads
    • Lighting
    • Alarm boxes
    • Conduits
    • Piping
    • Masonry decorations
    • Knee wall and curtain wall projections i.e. extended sills, extended door and curtain wall frames
    • Store fronts
    • Direction of door swing
    • French drains
    • Manhole/drain covers
    • Up lights
    • Sidewalks
  1. An opening requiring a full height barrier.

Flood Panels and Post System at 1450 Brickell

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