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New Executive Order Regarding Floodplains in Comment Phase

Federal Register Executive Order 11988

The new Executive Order (EO) 13690, enacted by President Obama earlier this year, is currently in the public comment phase. Comments from builders, floodplain managers, city officials, or members of the general public will be heard until the date of April 6, 2015.

After that date, the comments will be sifted and considered, and changes to the EO will be included in the final legislation. EO 13690 will amend the previous EO 11988, which went into effect decades ago. The climate of the planet has changed since the enactment of the earlier EO, and these changes are now better understood by the scientific community.

It is now generally agreed that human activity is changing the climate of the planet, and that these changes are occurring much faster than previously thought. In order to protect public investment for infrastructure and new projects, these ventures must now meet guidelines designed to protect the building sites well into the future.

The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFM) is currently asking its members, community members, and any other interested parties to weigh in on the proposed EO. Comments may be registered at this website (click on image to visit in a new window):

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To make a comment, simply click on the green box that reads “Submit a Formal Comment”

Source:: FloodBarrierUSA

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